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      Operations, Audit, ComplySight
      Nov 20, 2019

      Seven Keys to Compliance Management

      When it comes to the critical credit union priority of compliance, you have to do it right. With a compliance management system (CMS), you can stay on track and be sure you are remaining compliant. A...
      Operations, General, Lending
      May 09, 2019

      An Eye-Opening Look at Ecuador’s Credit Unions

      In February, I had the opportunity to visit Ecuador in a World Council of Credit Unions exchange visit with members of the Iowa Credit Union League. The experience was eye-opening. The credit union...
      Operations, Advertising and Marketing
      May 02, 2018

      Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

      I figured this week I would take a different tone compared to my last blog. I mean come on, should a person really be that fired up over a simple name change. Let’s be honest, with how the CFPB has...
      Operations, Vendor Management
      Mar 20, 2018

      The One Time It’s Okay to Not RSVP + Free CUNA Webinar

      As if the ADA website compliance lawsuits weren’t enough, we have been hearing from several credit unions that have received an “invitation” from the United States Automobile Association (USAA) to...
      Operations, Deposit Accounts, Lending
      Aug 03, 2017

      Not-So-Automatic Payments

      With the amount of change we've had in the regulatory compliance space in the past five years it's easy to get focused on the future. What is the next rule coming our way? But, a not-so-new rule has...
      Operations, BSA, Audit, Lending
      Jul 11, 2017

      Your Mid-Year Compliance Checklist

      We’re officially into the third quarter of the calendar year, which means the summer sun is blazing, humidity is high, Iowa sweet corn can be found in road-side stands around the state, and...
      May 09, 2017

      Five Things I Learned From the Tomato Plant in My Closet

      I have a tomato plant in my closet. Weird, but true. Last fall I found some volunteer tomato plants in a flower pot that I think came from a squirrel eating a tomato in the pot. The seeds fell in the...
      May 04, 2017

      Will the Monkey Ever Get Off Our Back?

      I was perusing the credit union web the other day, and I found an interesting article out on It was a summary of a survey done by CU Service Network back in 2016. The survey was given to...
      Operations, BSA
      Apr 04, 2017

      Think You Know Audits?

      We recently published a new whitepaper which explores increased examiner expectations for compliance audits and talks through several important factors for credit unions to consider as they polish...
      Operations, Industry Issues
      Mar 30, 2017

      Turnover Shouldn't be a Do-over

      Turnover seems to go in cycles.  A credit union may be going along smoothly with very minimal turnover for a period of time, and then all of a sudden, a few key positions might turnover all at once....
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