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      May 23, 2017

      Brave New HMDA World – How Will You Know If You Are “Getting it Right”?

      We all know that it is time to start thinking about the HMDA changes coming next year. But, with all the preparations you may be starting related to implementation of the new requirements, don’t...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Deposit Accounts, Lending
      May 17, 2017

      Rules Help Control the Fun!

      One of my favorite shows of all times is Friends, and my favorite line from the show came from Monica Geller, when Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica were playing Mad Libs (Ross wasn’t...
      May 10, 2017

      New to the HMDA Party?

      The power of conversation is an amazing thing. We get the opportunity to work with a lot of great credit unions, and when we are able to collaborate as a group it really gets the mind going. Recently...
      Apr 21, 2017

      Can You Find the Hidden Message?

      Now I know not everyone enjoys reading the CFPB’s Fair Lending report as much as I do (Nerd, right). Let’s face it, it is not the most riveting piece of literature out there. This is the fifth fair...
      Industry Issues, Lending
      Mar 23, 2017

      Same Old Stuff, Just a Different Day

      Many of you are probably not self-proclaimed “Compliance Nerds” like myself, so you probably didn’t receive the email blast about the CFBP’s most recent action. Yes, I do receive email updates from...
      Mar 08, 2017

      Who Are You Relying On?

      This is a good question to ask yourself as you start preparing for the new data points that are required with the HMDA changes in 2018. Up until now HMDA data has been pretty siloed, but that is...
      Feb 24, 2017

      Patriot Games

      I apologize to those Bostonians out there when I say that there is something about those New England Patriots that rubs me the wrong way. I will follow that up though with a little love. At the end...
      Feb 14, 2017

      Don’t Fall Into This Fair Lending Trap

      I am not sure how many of you got the chance to attend the Interagency Fair Lending Hot Topics webinar back on October 4, 2016, but man did it do a little eye opening for me. A majority of the...
      Jan 26, 2017

      Bah HM(da) Bug or HMDA Love Bug?

      For folks outside the lending world, January and February are typically spent staying home, cozying up to a fire, watching football playoffs, prepping for a big Super Bowl party, and dreaming of (or...
      Jan 24, 2017

      Just a Little Flavor - New HMDA Data Points

      As we get closer to the implementation of a bulk of the new HMDA rule, I thought it would be worthwhile to go over a few of the new data points. I want to briefly touch on the requirements and then...
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