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      Industry Issues
      Jun 08, 2017

      How May a CHOICE Impact Compliance?

      As it is being reported in trade journals and mainstream media, a vote is set to take place in the House today, to pass the Financial CHOICE Act. Or, as CNN has called it, the vote on "killing...
      Operations, Industry Issues
      Mar 30, 2017

      Turnover Shouldn't be a Do-over

      Turnover seems to go in cycles.  A credit union may be going along smoothly with very minimal turnover for a period of time, and then all of a sudden, a few key positions might turnover all at once....
      Industry Issues, Lending
      Mar 23, 2017

      Same Old Stuff, Just a Different Day

      Many of you are probably not self-proclaimed “Compliance Nerds” like myself, so you probably didn’t receive the email blast about the CFBP’s most recent action. Yes, I do receive email updates from...
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