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      Jun 11, 2019

      Cybersecurity: The Biggest Threat to Credit Unions and Their Members

      The financial services industry is changing, and quickly. From new technology to increased regulation, credit unions are experiencing the effects of these changes each day. On top of that, credit...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Lending
      Jan 02, 2018

      New Year, New Priorities...and Some Old Ones

      Man, that went fast didn’t it? It feels like 2017 just started yesterday, but I guess things are never “slow” when it comes to compliance. Now it is time to prepare for 2018, a year in which we will...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Deposit Accounts, Lending
      May 17, 2017

      Rules Help Control the Fun!

      One of my favorite shows of all times is Friends, and my favorite line from the show came from Monica Geller, when Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica were playing Mad Libs (Ross wasn’t...
      Operations, Cybersecurity, BSA, Lending
      Jan 20, 2017

      NCUA 2017 Supervisory Priorities

      In case you missed it, the NCUA has published its first Letter to Credit Unions of 2017.  Letter 17-CU-01 includes an overview of the regulator's Supervisory Priorities for 2017.
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