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      Apr 11, 2018

      It’s Crunch Time for BSA’s New CDD Rule

      The May 11, 2018 date for compliance is only a month away! Did you cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s? Here are three good questions from our Compliance Hotline. Check them out so you can...
      BSA, Audit
      Feb 09, 2018

      The 5 Necessary Components of Your BSA Program

      While preparing for a compliance presentation recently, I noticed my Power Point graphic looked oddly similar to the Olympic rings – convenient timing since the Olympics start this week (U.S.A. for...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Lending
      Jan 02, 2018

      New Year, New Priorities...and Some Old Ones

      Man, that went fast didn’t it? It feels like 2017 just started yesterday, but I guess things are never “slow” when it comes to compliance. Now it is time to prepare for 2018, a year in which we will...
      Operations, BSA, Audit, Lending
      Jul 11, 2017

      Your Mid-Year Compliance Checklist

      We’re officially into the third quarter of the calendar year, which means the summer sun is blazing, humidity is high, Iowa sweet corn can be found in road-side stands around the state, and...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Deposit Accounts, Lending
      May 17, 2017

      Rules Help Control the Fun!

      One of my favorite shows of all times is Friends, and my favorite line from the show came from Monica Geller, when Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica were playing Mad Libs (Ross wasn’t...
      May 03, 2017

      Breaking Down the 2017 NCUA’s Supervisory Priorities – BSA Compliance and MSBs

      In our whitepaper Think You Know Audits?, we talked about the NCUA’s 2017 Supervisory Priorities. One of those priorities is BSA compliance, with specific focus on credit unions’ relationships with...
      Apr 19, 2017

      What Is Your Credit Union's Compliance Health?

      Last week, our audit whitepaper titled, Think You Know Audits? hit the wires. Based on the overwhelming response and number of downloads, we knew we hit on a hot topic in the compliance world. New...
      Operations, BSA
      Apr 04, 2017

      Think You Know Audits?

      We recently published a new whitepaper which explores increased examiner expectations for compliance audits and talks through several important factors for credit unions to consider as they polish...
      Operations, BSA
      Mar 23, 2017

      Are Your BSA Procedures Up to Snuff?

      Everyone knows credit unions must conduct independent BSA testing every 12-18 months. A credit union must consider their own size, complexity, and controls to determine if stretching out to 18 months...
      Mar 03, 2017

      Better Safe than SARy

      FinCEN has required the filing of Suspicious Activity Reports, or SARs, for quite some time now. And, because of annual training requirements, and simply a matter of operations, credit union...
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