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      Nov 20, 2019

      Seven Keys to Compliance Management

      When it comes to the critical credit union priority of compliance, you have to do it right. With a compliance management system (CMS), you can stay on track and be sure you are remaining compliant. A...
      Feb 18, 2019

      Let’s Get Serious About Compliance

      Now that we’ve hit the 2019 Compliance Season, I like to think of 2018 as the proverbial “calm before the storm.” What last year may have seemed like a walk in the park with examiners could turn into...
      Audit, ACH
      Mar 20, 2018

      PolicyWorks, the Teddy Ruxpin of Today

      I was thinking about breaking away from nostalgic writings this week, as I wanted to provide a reminder. I decided that you probably wanted to know more about the 80s pop culture. Let’s take a trip...
      BSA, Audit
      Feb 09, 2018

      The 5 Necessary Components of Your BSA Program

      While preparing for a compliance presentation recently, I noticed my Power Point graphic looked oddly similar to the Olympic rings – convenient timing since the Olympics start this week (U.S.A. for...
      Operations, BSA, Audit, Lending
      Jul 11, 2017

      Your Mid-Year Compliance Checklist

      We’re officially into the third quarter of the calendar year, which means the summer sun is blazing, humidity is high, Iowa sweet corn can be found in road-side stands around the state, and...
      Jun 02, 2017

      To-ma-to, To-mah-to: The Difference Between MLA & SCRA

      Breaking Down the 2017 NCUA’s Supervisory Priorities –The Difference Between MLA and SCRA
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