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      Feb 09, 2018

      The 5 Necessary Components of Your BSA Program

      While preparing for a compliance presentation recently, I noticed my Power Point graphic looked oddly similar to the Olympic rings – convenient timing since the Olympics start this week (U.S.A. for...
      Feb 08, 2018

      The Next Big Holiday: HMDA Submission Day

      It’s always great to get to February and feel like the holiday season has past. Until you look at the calendar and realize there is still another important holiday out there. I am not talking about...
      Feb 01, 2018

      Beef Up Your Protection

      Is it just me, or does it feel like this year is pretty “light” when it comes to new regulations? Now that by no means is a bad thing, it just feels a little weird compared to years past. I haven’t...
      Cybersecurity, BSA, Lending
      Jan 02, 2018

      New Year, New Priorities...and Some Old Ones

      Man, that went fast didn’t it? It feels like 2017 just started yesterday, but I guess things are never “slow” when it comes to compliance. Now it is time to prepare for 2018, a year in which we will...
      Dec 22, 2017

      SCRA Foreclosure Protection Extended

      In case you missed it, President Trump has signed an extension of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) foreclosure protection law through December 31 of 2019.  The current protections were set...
      Dec 14, 2017

      We Talk Too Much

      I thought today would be a good day to spice up the blog a bit. I feel that since we do most of the talking, okay pretty much all of it, now is a good time to give you a chance to voice what is on...
      Nov 30, 2017

      All For One And One For All

      A few weeks ago the FFIEC held their annual Fair Lending Hot Topics webinar. If you have never listened into one of these, what happens is a group of prudential regulators all get together and tell...
      Deposit Accounts
      Nov 24, 2017

      Dividends of Compliance

      I recently spoke with a federal credit union that was interested in offering a product they would call "Interest Checking."  It would be a standard checking account, but it would also pay a return on...
      Nov 21, 2017

      Compliance Detectives Solve Mysteries to Find Regulatory Answers

      As a kid, I watched about every iteration of the Scooby Doo cartoon series. I loved the art of the mystery, finding the clues, and then solving the case. I also thought Scooby Doo and Shaggy would...
      Nov 06, 2017

      “Beta” Late Than Never

      Okay, I know that was a terrible attempt at being funny, but remember that I am a Compliance Nerd so give me a little slack.
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