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      Apr 12, 2018

      Breaking News: The CFPB “does not exist”

      I am not sure if any of you caught this headline yesterday, but if you were like me you quickly clicked to find out what the heck was going on. This quote came from Acting Director Mulvaney yesterday...
      Apr 11, 2018

      It’s Crunch Time for BSA’s New CDD Rule

      The May 11, 2018 date for compliance is only a month away! Did you cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s? Here are three good questions from our Compliance Hotline. Check them out so you can...
      Apr 05, 2018

      Raise Your Hand if You Utilize These Financial Crime Resources

      I recently had the pleasure of attending some conferences where both state and national speakers presented on trends in financial crimes. At one of the conferences, the presenter asked who in the...
      Apr 05, 2018

      Look and Prepare for your Compliance Future!

      If you had a flying Delorean time machine, what would you do with it? Would you go back to medieval times (Not the dinner theater, that would be a waste of time travel resources)? Would you go back...
      Advertising and Marketing
      Apr 03, 2018

      Opening Day

      Baseball is back! In case you missed it, the Cubs did open the season with a bang. The Cubs lead-off hitter Ian Happ launched the first pitch of the season out into the stands in Miami. Here’s to...
      Deposit Accounts, ACH
      Mar 22, 2018

      Maximum Number of ACH Deposits for Tax Refunds

      It is that time of year, so let’s talk about Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits for tax refunds. Recently, we received a great question from a credit union asking if credit unions are...
      Operations, Vendor Management
      Mar 20, 2018

      The One Time It’s Okay to Not RSVP + Free CUNA Webinar

      As if the ADA website compliance lawsuits weren’t enough, we have been hearing from several credit unions that have received an “invitation” from the United States Automobile Association (USAA) to...
      Audit, ACH
      Mar 20, 2018

      PolicyWorks, the Teddy Ruxpin of Today

      I was thinking about breaking away from nostalgic writings this week, as I wanted to provide a reminder. I decided that you probably wanted to know more about the 80s pop culture. Let’s take a trip...
      Mar 15, 2018

      You Know What Assuming Does

      Now I know that everyone is real excited about the Senate bill S. 2155 that is gaining some steam in Washington right now. For those of you that have been living under a rock, or possibly on spring...
      Mar 08, 2018

      Shout Out to My Ladies: International Women's Day 2018

      In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD), I wanted to share some insight on how your credit union can proactively support women. IWD has been observed since the early 1900s, and is a global day...
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