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      Jun 22, 2018

      Unveiling a Hidden Crime: Human Trafficking

      Although it is nearly four years old, the FinCEN Advisory, Guidance on Recognizing Activity that May be Associated with Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking – Financial Red Flags, is still one of...
      Jun 05, 2018

      Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

      Nothing like a little Ice Cube on a hot summer day, which in Iowa can take a while to get here. Like clockwork around here once we start to see the weather warm up, so goes the housing market....
      Jun 01, 2018

      FinCEN’s Suspicious Activity Report Gets Enhanced

      As you all know, new and updated data fields were added to the online Currency Transaction Report (CTR) last year and recently there was a deadline to meet a new format requirement for CTR batch...
      May 23, 2018

      Reading Between the Lines: The CFPB’s Annual Complaint Report

      Last month, the CFPB released its annual consumer response report, which includes data on the complaints filed with the agency in 2017.  The report provides valuable insight for those willing to read...
      May 10, 2018

      First Rule of SARs: You Do Not Talk About SAR Filings

      The U.S. Treasury Department’s inspector general’s office said it has opened an investigation into whether confidential banking records, SARs and other BSA information, have been “improperly...
      May 04, 2018

      You are the Protector of Your Credit Union

      This week I think I will hold off on the 80s and 90s pop culture references and overall nostalgia and relate a common thread that most compliance folks may relate too. I am new to the parenting game...
      Operations, Advertising and Marketing
      May 02, 2018

      Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

      I figured this week I would take a different tone compared to my last blog. I mean come on, should a person really be that fired up over a simple name change. Let’s be honest, with how the CFPB has...
      Apr 24, 2018

      Mutilated Currency: Now What?

      It’s singed. It’s brittle. It’s moldy. It’s torn. It is disintegrating.
      Apr 19, 2018

      The Times They Are A-Changin': Credit Card Edition

      Here are a few things to be aware of - from both a credit union, and a consumer perspective - in regard to credit cards:
      Apr 18, 2018

      Additional Interpretive Guidance for the CDD Rule

      As I write this blog, I realize that TV spinoffs are not a great recipe for continued viewer success. Just look at “Joanie Loves Chachi” (“Happy Days” spinoff), or the critically panned “Joey”...
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