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      Coming Home to the Credit Union Way

      By Brett Walker · Aug 01, 2019

      Hi. I’m Brett Walker, and I’m a New Business Development Manager here at PolicyWorks, focusing on the Brett Walkereastern half of the country.

      I’m excited to be working with the PolicyWorks team to support the credit union industry. It might surprise you to learn that even though I’ve spent the last 15 years selling human capital management software-as-a-service solutions, in this new role I am, in a way, coming home to the credit union industry. My father spent some 30 years as the president and CEO of a credit union in central Illinois. I grew up with credit unions and the credit union way, and I am loving the opportunity to be back in familiar territory.

      When I think of credit unions, I think about the desire to help one another, the old “people helping people” philosophy. I recall a time when the president of another local credit union – technically a competitor – called my Dad one morning. He was in a tough spot. That credit union’s armored car cash delivery was cancelled, and he was going to be dangerously low on cash for several days. He asked my Dad to loan them money to get by.

      My Dad told him, "Absolutely! We'll be more than happy to deliver it for you."

      Could you imagine a big bank helping out a competitor like that? It just wouldn't happen. That’s the kind of thing that makes me so glad to be working in the credit union space.

      Although the compliance world is still fairly new to me, one thing I’ve noticed about PolicyWorks is that they also embody the credit union spirit. Their clients are credit unions, and they are here ready to help out when needed.

      In sitting down with credit union CEOs and other credit union leaders and hearing about their compliance pain points and the challenges they face with lean staffs, I hear similar challenges my dad faced in his credit union for years. I understand what they are up against. That helps me explain to them how PolicyWorks can save them time, money, and resources.

      I’ve been fortunate in my career to have incredible jobs with fantastic companies, but I can tell you that since I’m back in credit union territory, I am definitely excited to help credit unions see the value of a partner like PolicyWorks and how they can make compliance easier.