The 2019 Compliance Season: Let's Get Serious

Will you be ready?

The 2019 compliance season will follow previous years’ trends in terms of increased scrutiny of policies and practices by state and federal examiners. In many cases, the honeymoon period is over, and what had been a “soft” approach to compliance will take on a sharper edge. Examiners would say they are being practical rather than punitive, but in either case proper audit preparation is critical to success.

In this whitepaper, we discuss:

  • What you can expect to see from credit union examiners in 2019
  • Hot spots and strategies for each NCUA priority
  • Tactics for how you can prepare your credit union for a successful audit
  • The importance of a full Compliance Management System as it relates to audits and examinations

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JasonSkemp About the Author: Jason Skemp is Director of Audit Services for PolicyWorks. Jason delivers compliance review services to credit unions nationwide. He works extensively with individual credit unions by reviewing policies, procedures, documents, and operations related to loans and deposit accounts and advising them as to changes to achieve compliance with federal regulations.